How To Find A Pain Management Doctor After a Car Accident

Importance of seeing a pain management doctor after a car accident: When you’re in a car accident, the forces from the crash cause your body to experience more stress than usual. This additional stress can result in a number of soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, contusions, tears and fractures. The symptoms of these injuries are sometimes obvious right after an accident. Other times, they may take a while to appear.

Regardless if you feel immediate or delayed pain, it’s important to see a pain management doctor after a car accident as soon as possible. Seeing a pain management doctor will help prevent further injury and allow you to quickly begin treatment. It also minimizes the risks that come with not seeing a doctor after a car crash. If you don’t see a doctor right away, insurance may not cover the expenses associated with your injury, you might wave the right to personal injury coverage, you may be unable to pursue legal action, or you might have health complications.

With 13 locations spanning central Florida, Sterling Medical Group can treat and rehabilitate any car injury. We offer pain management, neurological, and orthopedic services. Every patient we serve receives an individualized treatment program specific to his or her needs. Our patients also receive a bilingual case manager that will monitor their recovery program and handle records, requests, and settlement resolutions. 

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What is a pain management doctor?

A pain management doctor is a doctor who specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating various types of pain. Whether it’s acute pain from a car accident injury or chronic pain, a pain management doctor uses non-surgical treatments to help patients alleviate pain.

Although seeing your primary physician can be helpful, you should seek treatment from a pain management doctor after a car accident as soon as you can. Pain management doctors have specialized training in treating the injuries you get from a car accident. This specialized knowledge allows them to diagnose your injuries quicker and immediately start treating any pain you might have. 

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How do pain management doctors help car accident injuries?

Pain management doctors help car accident injuries by first administering a medical examination to diagnose the injury and its severity. If needed, they may use diagnostic tools such as imaging studies to learn more about your medical condition.

Once a pain management doctor has a comprehensive understanding of your injury, he or she will then create a specialized treatment plan for you.

Types of car injuries pain management doctors treat

Car accidents can cause different types of soft tissues injuries. Though this list is not comprehensive, here are a few examples of car injuries pain management doctors can treat:

  • Whiplash: a common car accident injury that occurs when your head abruptly moves forwards or backwards. This movement causes your neck to over or hyper extend.
  • Strained Ligaments: due to the sudden amount of stress your body experiences during a car accident, your ligaments, or the bands of tissues that connect bones, can stretch or tear.
  • Herniated Disc: when a soft disc between the bones in your spinal vertebrae slips out of place.
  • Spondylolisthesis: when a bone in your spinal vertebrae slips out of place.

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Types of pain from car accidents

Depending on their severity, car accident injuries can cause either immediate or delayed pain.

You may skip out on going to a doctor because you don’t see or feel any issues. It’s common for car injury symptoms to appear days or even weeks after an accident. Because your pain might be delayed, it’s important to see a pain management doctor immediately after a car crash. Not only will you be able to promptly begin treatment, but also you will be able to prevent further injury.

Pain management doctors can treat various types of pain from car accidents. A few examples are listed below, though you may experience other types of pain after a car crash.

If you’d like to know how our pain management specialists can help you with your injury, please contact one of our offices. Our staff is waiting to help you. 

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Types of pain management treatment for car accidents

When you see a pain management doctor after a car accident, you’ll be presented your available treatment options. Sterling Medical Group’s team of highly skilled medical professionals will thoroughly evaluate your injury and create a personalized treatment plan to address your needs. Some examples of pain management treatments include:

  • Medication for pain relief
  • Physical therapy to regain strength, flexibility, and healthier movement
  • Massage therapy to relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation
  • Neck or back braces to help soft tissues heal
  • Spinal injections for pain management
  • Exercise and lifestyle management to supplement treatment

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Treating Chronic Pain from Car Accident Injuries

In some cases, car accident injuries may result in prolonged pain that persists months after the accident. When this is the case, your doctor will create an individualized long-term treatment that can include physical therapy, massages, and injections to help you recover and alleviate pain.

Finding a pain management doctor near me

Sterling Medical Group has 13 locations across central Florida. You can use our interactive map to find the closest office near you. If you need more information, you can also call us to get started.

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What to expect during my pain management appointment

During your pain management appointment, you can expect your doctor to administer a medical examination to evaluate your injury. As your doctor gathers more information about your medical condition, you’ll also be informed about the nature of your injury and the various available treatments. At Sterling Medical Group, our team of specialized medical professionals will use the information it has gathered to give you treatment options and will then lead and coordinate your treatment plan. Our pain management doctors work alongside orthopedic doctors and neurosurgeons, who are available to help you if needed.

How soon after a car accident should I see a doctor?

You should see a pain management doctor after a car accident as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more severe your injury or pain may become. Additionally, if you wait too long to seek medical attention, insurance may not cover the costs associated with your injury. By seeing a doctor immediately, you are not only protecting your health, but also your legal options.

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Florida Pain Management Specialists

It’s important to see a pain management doctor after a car accident as soon as you can. Because the symptoms of your injury may be delayed, you should see a doctor in order to prevent further injury and begin treatment. Even if you don’t feel immediate pain, proactively visiting a doctor will help uncover any hidden injuries you may have.

If you’re looking for highly qualified, professional pain management doctors who are ready to create an individualized treatment plan for you, Sterling Medical Group is here to serve you. We’re ready to alleviate your pain and start your path to recovery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.