In only five minutes, strengthen your immunity, boost your energy, improve your mood and more with our leading vitamin infusions.

Our Vitamin Booster therapies deliver the leading vitamin infusions to your bloodstream in just 5 minutes, circumventing digestion for full absorption. Bypassing the gut, our boosters deliver a highly concentrated dose of vitamins that the body can absorb more efficiently than through oral ingestion. Our Vitamin Boosters offer an array of benefits. Depending on your goals and aligning vitamins treatments, you can expect to feel happier, increase your athletic endurance, and experience long-lasting energy. You can also choose boosters for better sleep and less stress.

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Experience the Benefits of Vitamin Boosters


We offer several Vitamin Injections treatments, all designed to get your body what it needs.

Energy Booster

Boost your energy with B-Complex

Glutathione Booster

The superhero of antioxidants

Immunity Booster

Fortify your immune system with Vitamin C

Vitamin D Booster

Support your body’s healthy calcium production

B12 Booster

Get the premium B Vitamin

Slim Booster

Lose weight + increase energy


Whether it’s for overall health, wellness or recovery, IV therapy is a proven solution to get your body what it needs.